Rates (you’d be surprised!)

A lot of the time, people are pleasantly surprised by our charging policy.  We go by the policy of “this is what we usually charge, but hey, what do you reckon?”  To be pleasantly transparent, for most things we would charge around 30 GBP an hour, but if you don’t think that’s fair, then feel free to pay a bit less – or if you think we’ve done a stunning job, feel free to give a little more.

Isn’t it nice to walk away at the end of the day, being the customer and the supplier, to both think “That seemed like a good deal.”

So if you want a hand setting up your new TV, configuring your web server, coding a c# service, or even figuring out what’s wrong with your goldfish, drop us a line – we’re here to help if you Can’t Cope With This!

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